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Attention: 2020 4th District Spring Conference has been cancelled, April 4th District Meeting has been cancelled

                  Dept of NY Legion College and Boys State have been cancelled Dept of NY and National Conferences have been cancelled

Updates from Legion Officers:

                  Dept of NY- Baseball Tournaments Cancelled- 6May2020

                  Message from the Dept of NY Adjutant-1May2020

                  Dept of NY Awards/Reports/Election Cancellation and more- 15Apr2020

                  National Convention Cancellation- 8 April 2020

                  Dept of NY Convention Cancellation- 8 April 2020

                  2020 Elections- April 6 2020

                  Burial of NY Indigent Veterans- 6 April 2020

                  Letter from National Commander 16 March 2020

                  Letter from Department of NY 26 March 2020

From Veterans Benefits Administration:

                  Information on Use of C&P Examination Alternatives During Pandemic

American Legion Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Link: Click Here

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